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*price dependent on provider experience 

Brow              starting at $25  

   Lip                 starting at $14     

     Full Face       starting at $42        

Chin                 starting at $14 


Eyebrow Wax & Tint         starting at $39

Eyelash Lift & Tint            starting at $100


What's a lash lift?

It is a lifting technique designed to give you longer-looking lashes without the need for lash extensions. It will look as if you used a really good eyelash curler, only this lift lasts for 6 to 8 weeks! To top off the treatment, I will apply a black lash tint which enhances your lashes even more prominently. The procedure takes about 45 minutes to complete and is a really easy way to instantly brighten and open up the eye area!


How do I prepare for a lash lift?

Please arrive to your appointment free of any eye makeup. If you wear contacts or glasses they must be removed. 


What do I do after my lash lift?

Lash lifts are very low maintenance! Don't get your lashes wet or apply anything at all to them for 24 hours. Steer clear of waterproof mascara the entire life of your lift. It is also recommended to invest in a conditioning treatment to help keep the lashes strong and healthy. This conditioning aftercare serum will be applied at the end of your treatment and is also available for purchase at The Body Bar.


Can I get a lash lift and facial at the same time?


Can I still wear mascara?

You can wear mascara beginning 24 hours after your appointment.

Harsh chemicals are used in waterproof formulas in order to make them waterproof and can be extremely drying to your lashes. There is also an increase in tugging and pulling on the lashes to remove the mascara. This results in weakened lashes that are prone to breakage, and over shedding which will diminish the length of time the lash lift will be effective.


Will lash lifts damage my lashes?

No, if you follow all the advice on pre and post care. The lifting solutions are only applied to the new growth area of the lashes and are formulated with conditioning and strengthening ingredients to maintain the healthy state of your lashes. It is recommended to begin using a conditioning aftercare serum in between your lifts!


Does it hurt?

Nope! If you have never had extensions or a lash lift before, it may take a couple minutes to get used to someone touching your eyelids, but it is actually quite relaxing. Some guests even take a nap!


I have an eye condition, can I get a lash lift?

It is always recommended and required to get a physician’s approval if you have any eye condition. If you have a stye, pink eye, or any contagious disease, a lash lift cannot be performed. If you have recently had blepharoplasty, you must wait at least one year from your time of surgery.


Who should NOT have a lash lift?

If you have any eye condition, damaged lashes, gaps (a lash lift may make these gaps more noticeable), it may not be best for you to get a lash lift. If you are not sure, you can consult your physician and esthetician to make sure!

How long should my hair be to get waxed?

You'll get the best results if you let the hair grow to about ¼ inch (about the size of a grain of rice) so the wax can fully grab the hair.

Can I get waxed if I’m using retin-a or Accutane?

It is recommended wait 6-12months after taking Accutane to be waxed. If you are using retin-a or a vitamin A derivative, you must stop usage at least 7 days prior to the area being waxed.

What kind of wax do you use?

We proudly use cirepil hard wax and honey clean n easy soft wax.

Have a question that isn’t included in this list? Message or call us and we will be happy to help!

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