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We're so happy that you're here

The Body Bar is a self-care boutique specializing in massage and skin therapy. Our services are backed by research and integrity, and are custom to each client. Immerse yourself in a relaxing and euphoric environment so we can help you be the best you.

Our Services

Massage Therapy

Massage therapy services typically include a variety of techniques and approaches aimed at promoting relaxation, relieving pain and stress, and improving overall physical and mental wellness.

Skin Therapy

Facials and skin therapy are cosmetic treatments designed to improve the appearance and health of the skin. Our treatments aim to cleanse, exfoliate, hydrate, and rejuvenate the skin and range from relaxing lymphatic drainage facials to hydrafacial MDs.

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Lash & Wax Therapy

Our licensed and experienced professionals offer facial waxing, brow tinting, and lash lifts.  These semi-permanent treatments enhance the facial appearance naturally.



Owner & Director of The Body Bar

Tricia is a Licensed Massage Therapist & Licensed Esthetician who focuses on understanding the body's anatomy and physiology to individualize each therapy unique to each client. As a licensed healthcare professional, paying attention to specific details and creating a relaxing and comfortable atmosphere is how she takes pride in setting herself apart.


Prior to opening The Body Bar, Tricia trained under extensive schooling and training with over 2000 hours of specialization in several different specialties, such as deep tissue massage, trigger point therapy, myofascial cupping, medical-facial infusions, and chemical peels. Tricia has an extraordinary passion for learning and continuously furthering her knowledge and just recently graduated with her doctorate, Ph.D. Her intricate dedication and devotion for each client's health and happiness radiates through with the inclusion of holistic and scientifically backed practices to create the most effective and optimal success for each person who walks through the door. 



Lead Massage Therapist

Nicole is a highly skilled and experienced massage therapist with a passion for helping people alleviate pain and tension. She has been working in the field for over 10 years and has developed a deep understanding of the human body and its needs. Nicole’s caring and compassionate nature makes her an excellent therapist, as she is always willing to go the extra mile to ensure her clients are comfortable and satisfied with their massage experience!

Outside of work, Nicole is a devoted family person who loves spending quality time with her loved ones and dogs. In her free time, she enjoys reading to help her relax and unwind after a long day at work. With her expertise, professionalism, and friendly personality, Nicole is an amazing asset to our team!



Senior Massage Therapist

Michelle is a licensed massage therapist with an incredible ability to create an experience unique to each guests needs. She has been improving the quality of life of those around her for the past few years, since graduating from The New York Institute of Massage in 2019. 


As a current student in school for her master’s in Occupational Therapy, she takes pride in educating herself to best serve others. Outside of her professional talents, Michelle is also a foodie with a hilarious personality. We are so grateful to have her with us and are honored to share her talents with all of you!



Lead Esthetician

Olivia is a licensed esthetician with an incredible passion and appreciation for skincare! She graduated from The Salon Professional Academy in 2022 and has been a loyal supporter of The Body Bar long before that. Olivia's expertise and bubbly personality is a perfect blend that allows our guests to feel both comfortable and confident in achieving their skin goals.

When Olivia is not helping us reach our skin goals or reminding us to wear our SPF, you can find her with her adorable teacup chihuahua, tending the BFLO harbor kayak at canal side, or swimming! We are so happy to share her amazing talents with you! 

June Specials

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